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Vision & Goals

Its 2022 and somehow Climate Change is still an afterthought when it comes to building, most people don't even know what the difference is between climate change and sustainability. And were would you learn? As university students we realised it is quite hard to find accurate and clear information. Most Carbon labels don't even mention the correct units for green house gasses [CO2eq]. Thus with this website, blogs, articles,.. One Tiny Steps goal is to be an information point on these subjects. If you want to build a new home or renovate, if you are looking for accurate information this can be one of your sources. 

The second goal is healthy buildings, babyrooms tend to be the most toxic rooms in a home. This is because new furniture, clothes,... they all emit toxins. The same is true for building materials - and none of these are regulated. In an older home with plenty of cracks were the wind blows through it is quite harmless. But a leaking house comes with a high energy cost and environmental footprint. Thus we build homes with thorough insulation that are more airtight. But as long as we fill them with toxins we are doing something wrong...


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Laura Denoyelle

At 25 I finished my bachelor in architectural engineering - the following 3 years I moved to a new country, learned a new language, volunteered for different projects,  got the chance to work as an architect, and reached my main objective to regain my health after being ill for 10 years. 

All these experiences showed me that sustainable and low carbon architecture is my passion, a challenge and the road I want to follow all around the world. It brought me to study in Denmark for my master, in a Tiny Home made out of mostly upcycled materials. 

Now I'm in Belgium working as an architect engineer at Gevelinzicht learning about the opposite - renovation of buildings. I'm also working as a circular building consultant and in marketing/communications with BouwData. 

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